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Finding and staffing an IT contractor is a mess. The process is time consuming; it is frustrating and you do it again and again. And, everyone seems to accept that’s just the way it is...well, it’s not anymore. With CongrueIT, you are able to specify your requirements and be presented with consultants who can do the job. You can quickly target the right consultants and determine who you want to work with. If you're a Consultant; you see the jobs, you bid on the jobs you want. This is what CongrueIT is all about.

This was a fun project to work on for several reasons. John & Gerhard are great people to work with. They're sharp, experienced and very clear about what they want to do. They are also one of me...or a least they have been in the past, an independent consutant in the software industry.

CongrueIT came to me with a working prototype. But it was in desperate need of a design and some UX love. Our first goal was nailing down a design and comeing up with a style guide and getting a home page up.


The Consultant

Laying the ground work

One of the unique parts of the CongrueIT app is that it has many different user roles. We decided to split the roles up and work on the design and user flow for the consultants first since their onboarding strategy was to find and approve consultants first into the system.



Consultant timesheet

This is a common stragety I use when working with clients. Most startups want to take the quickest path to prove their idea by getting users in the system and ultimately testing their business / revenue model. By working closely with John and Gerhard, we were able to target their goals and build just what they needed to take the first steps. Then as each piece was built, we moved on to the next, learing more and making the system better as we progressed.

Jess jumped in and exceeded all of our expectations.

- John Moser, CoFounder, CongrueIT.com

** This unprompted quote from a launch party especially meant a lot to me, considering that it came from other consultants who have been around independent consulting many years. I assume they expected A LOT.

The Customer

Laying the ground work

We took the same approach for the customer role. Now that the consultant's role was complete and consultants were being signed up and moved through the interview and approval process, we started focusing on the customer's flow.

Customer job posting

Customer dashboard

Email notificationCustomer email

Jess...FYI we demoed the system to a group of investors today and they were blown away by the system!

- Gerhard Hacker, CoFounder, CongrueIT.com

Post Launch

A partnership

After the first phase launch, CongrueIT decided to keep me on as lead developer to build new features and to support the app. Since then, we've build a lot of new functionalities, and watched the system grow with the business. For instance, one of the core features of their buisness model is their Congruence Formula for matching the most qualified developers with the right job.I helped them implement and refine that algorghim as well as add few new roles (i.e. partners / agents, candidates) to the system.

I believe they enjoy working with me because I'm reliable and can get the work done within their expectations. They don't require a full time developer, so having a reliable independent consultant works out well for them. I'm available for quick fixes or emergencies immediately and they can get on my scheudle to plan building new features in reasonable time frames. We alwasy pick up right where we left off. Like all of my clients, I hope they see me as a partner and as someone who's invested in their successes.

I would go with Jess all day, every day for the following reasons;

1) Jess is a one stop shop. Jess can do frontend UI/UX web page development plus program complex backend processes. Other vendors suggested a team for what Jess did. Coming from an ERP/team world, I know that teams are less agile and less effective than the one guy that can do it all.

2) Jess gives you more application for every dollar spent. Jess may not be the lowest cost developer, but he's the most productive developer. Again, coming from an ERP/corporate America world where all development goes to the lowest cost location, working with Jess opened my eyes to what can be achieved per dollar spent by a highly productive developer.

3) Jess gets it. Jess gets motivated by what you're trying to achieve and adds his ideas to your application.

- Gerhard Hacker, CoFounder, CongrueIT.com

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